Did you know?

Feel free to contact us for more information. Your questions are important to us and will be answered by a lawyer specialized in the matter!

What if a decision has been made against me before I could defend myself?

A special procedure exists. It is  called the procedure for revocation of trial to be filed with the registry of the Court within a specified time after the notice of the ruling against you. Ask our lawyers!

What if there is an error on my statement of offence?

We will ask for the evidence in your file in order to analyze your ticket and verify whether it is possible to invalidate it completely. Contact us for more information!

Do I have chances of winning?

We are specialized in contesting tickets. This ensures the best chance for you and offers a full defence. Our service works with a high satisfaction rate and most of our cases are settled by avoiding trials. You always win when we can withdraw demerit points for you, save money or win your case in Court.

What if I missed the deadline to plead not guilty or if I was not present in Court?

A period of 30 days must be respected to send your plea of not guilty. However, if you forgot to contest your ticket or if you did not attend your hearing, we can overcome these obstacles. Contact us as soon as possible!

Must I present myself in Court?

No. Our goal is to find the best possible settlement for you so that you do not have to go to the Court. Your presence could be required in some specific cases: you do not want to negotiate or you prefer to testify in Court.

If I'm outside the Montreal area, can you help me?

Of course, our service is available throughout the province of Quebec!

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